Hospital Infanta Sofia

The Hospital Infanta Sofia is a public academic hospital located in the North part of Madrid. The population served by this hospital is around 306 000 inhabitants.

The Fracture Liaison service was born with the objective of giving assistance to the fragility fracture in older people according to best clinical guidelines. Our first goal was hip fracture; we have protocols for the assessment during the whole process: from the beginning with a fall evaluation, throughout hospitalization and after hospital discharge to reevaluate the functional recovery and osteoporosis treatment  with long term management.

This intervention is based on a multidisciplinary group with orthopedic surgeons, anesthetists, physiotherapists, geriatricians, nurse specialists and social workers.

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There is a great evidence attesting to the benefit of models with cooperation between orthopedic surgeons and geriatricians. This is why we have introduced this methodology in our clinical practice.

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