Hospital Ruber Juan Bravo

Hospital Ruber Juan Bravo Fracture Liaison Service is directed and coordinated by Dr. Cortés-Berdonces (endocrinologist) and Dr. Susana Gerechter (reumatologist). In July 2016 we started our FLS activity with a multidisciplinary design. The Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital is a private hospital in the QuirónSalud network that treats patients from all over Spain, mainly from the Community of Madrid and neighbouring provinces.


Gerechter Fernández S, Cortés Berdonces M, Uriarte Encenarro M, Jódar Gimeno E. Experiencia de unidad de FLS en el Hospital Ruber Juan Bravo. Revista de Osteoporosis y Metabolismo Mineral. 2017;3(3):17


Calle Juan Bravo 49
CP 28006 Madrid