Hospital Nuestra Senora de Gracia

Hospital Nuestra Señora de Gracia is a public hospital attending a combined rural and urban population of some 220,000 in Zaragoza. Secondary fracture prevention activity began in 2009 and currently combines an Orthogeriatric Unit (OG) and a FLS service based on a Coordinator within a multidisciplinary team. At present, we apply a holistic approach to treating in-patient fragility fractures at the OG unit and we provide FLS standards for identification, assessment and treatment of both in- and out-patients. We originally started targeting hip fractures and are currently identifying and evaluating all fragility fractures (both in- and out-patients), implementing fall prevention measures, activity and nutritional advice together with pharmacological therapy. Having a dedicated fragility out-patient clinic has markedly improved clerical and clinical processes and all collected data are being captured into a purpose-built National Database (RHUFO) in order to improve adherence to treatment and to obtain more useful and relevant future conclusions.

Ramon y Cajal, 60
50004 Zaragoza