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Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) Basel offers pharmaceutical and operative therapy for osteologic disorders. It matches an “A-level FLS” where following a minimal trauma fracture, patients are identified, assessed and treated for osteoporosis as part of an all-encompassing service.

The FLS Basel started as early as in 2006 [1] and was refined further to its current status. 
It is run as a cooperation between the Department of Traumatology, University Hospital Basel and the Endocrine Clinic and Laboratory ‘ENDONET’. It is looked upon as an integral part of the comprehensive Geriatric Fracture Programme which has been implemented in the hospital [2]. We perform case finding in >800 fragility fracture patients per year. Additionally we diagnose and treat >200 patients with more specific osteological problems, such as failed osteoporosis therapy, atypical femoral fractures, non-unions and pseudarthrosis.

As the FLS contributes to the University Osteologic Research Center DVO, we take part in several studies, e.g. POMME, DoHealth and DiabOS. In keeping with our role as the Swiss reference FLS we promote the nationwide rollout of the FLS concept. Furthermore we investigate cost-effectiveness of an FLS in the Swiss healthcare system.

[1] Suhm N, Lamy O, Lippuner K, Reto B, Marc-Antoine K, Olivier L, et al. Management of fragility fractures in Switzerland: results of a nationwide survey. Swiss Med Wkly. 2008;138(45-46):674–83.
[2] Suhm, N., Kaelin, R., Studer, P., Wang, Q., Kressig, R.W., Rickli, D., Jakob, M., Pretto, M. (2014). Orthogeriatric care pathway: a prospective survey of impact on length of stay, mortality and institutionalisation. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg (2014) 134 :1261-1269

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