Badalona Serveis Assistencials (B.S.A.)

Badalona Serveis Assistencials (BSA):
Badalona Serveis Assistencials is an integrated healthcare organization, which was set up in order to provide effective assistance and to respond to peoples’ needs in the territory of Barcelonès Nord (north of Barcelona urban area), including Badalona (a seaside town that lies 6 miles away from Barcelona). More than a thousand professionals provide services to a population of over 435,000 people in several settings: one acute hospital, one intermediate care hospital and seven primary health-care centers.

Integrated orthogeriatric care in BSA:
The fracture liaison service activity in our organization involves several teams led by the Department of Geriatrics. Our main objective is to provide a continuity of care to frail older patients with osteoporotic fractures, from the acute and post-acute phases to post-discharge follow-up:
a) Acute and post-acute phases:
Several multidisciplinary teams provide care and follow-up during the acute and rehabilitation processes. In the acute orthogeriatric unit patients receive multidisciplinary care based on Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment. All frail older patients are referred for post-acute care: Early Supported Discharge hospital-at-home care is available for patients with good social support. Early admission to post-acute orthogeriatric unit is provided for patients with no home support.
b) Post-discharge follow-up:
After community reinsertion, all patients are regularly followed by multidisciplinary staff of the orthogeriatric unit (outpatient care) in order to complete diagnostics and treatment with the objectives of preventing new fractures and maintaining physical function.

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