Assiut University Hospital

Our FLS center is in located in a tertiary care institute (University hospital) where we identify the patients with fragility hip fracture, track more than 90% of them and assess them within 4 weeks post fracture. We identify patients at risk of vertebral fragility fracture e.g. elderly rheumatoid patients and those who were or currently on steroids, assess them clinically and confirm the diagnosis radiologically.

Within the first 4 weeks post diagnosis, we use our “National Assessment Guidelines” and stratify the patients according to the FRAX score.

Within the same 4 weeks’ period, all these patients (100%) are given appointments for DEXA scanning and lab investigations and are assessed for cognitive function, secondary osteoporosis, sarcopenia, fall risk, functional disability, strength and balance. Then an individualized holistic approach is tailored and provided to each patient including fall preventive measures, patient education as regards lifestyle modifications, exercising and nutritional advices.

 Anti-osteoporotic medications are prescribed then to the patients (within 4 weeks post diagnosis or fracture) with following them up for at least a year for medication adherence, any side effects , balance and strength improvement and re-fracture.

All these data are kept in a national database with great degree of confidentiality. 

Assiut University Hospital