Capture The Fracture® Warmly Welcomes Chile To The Map Of Best Practice!

map of best practice

The Hospital Clínico Red Salud UC CHRISTUS in Santiago, Chile is the first Chilean FLS to be added to the Map of Best Practice.

Established in May 2020, the No+Fracturas FLS is 557th FLS to join the Map of Best Practice, making Chile the 48th country represented. Capture the Fracture® is growing rapidly in the LATAM region, with 22 new FLS added to the map in 2020.

CTF congratulates the FLS team at Hospital Clínico Red Salud UC CHRISTUS for their dedication to reducing secondary fractures and improving the quality of patient care. The FLS is part of a private hospital system and aims to identify, investigate, initiate and verify adherence to treatment for hip, orthopaedic/trauma, non-orthopaedic/trauma, outpatient, and clinical vertebral fragility fractures.

The burden of osteoporosis on patients, their families, and the healthcare system as a whole is expected to rise dramatically in the next three decades. CTF encourages the prioritisation of secondary fracture prevention and extends the invitation for all FLS to join the Map of Best Practice by completing the Best Practice Framework Questionnaire. If you are involved with an FLS, visit the Get Mapped page for more details on how to apply.