Hospital of Drammen

Here’s a great example from Norway, where May-Britt Stenbro, Osteoporosis Coordinator and Project Nurse in NoFRACT at the Drammen Hospital and Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Frede Frihagen at Oslo University Hospital, were featured in an extended interview on TV2’s  ‘Good Morning Norway’. 

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The host was Erik Thorstvedt, a well-known figure in Norwegian football and a former Goal keeper for the Norwegian National team (who also played for Tottenham). He had been at the Osteoporosis Clinic in Drammen, where Stenbro performed a DXA scan on him. The DXA scanning and session appeared on TV while Stenbro explained the results. Doctor Frihagen and Stenbro talked about osteoporosis in general, what causes it, prevention, and also Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) - the hospital's programme using nurses (mostly) to "capture" fracture patients so they get proper management in order to prevent secondary fractures..

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