Marina Baixa Hospital

The Hospital Marina Baixa (HMB), is a Spanish public hospital located in Villajoyosa city, in the North of Alicante province. The population served by this hospital is around 200 000 inhabitants.
The Fracture Liaison Service (FLS), was driven by rheumatology team and was born with the aim of improving care of patients with osteoporotic/fragilibilty fractures, specially vertebral and hip fractures, according to best clinical guidelines.

Characteristics FLS:
• Rheumatology performs, since 2010, all the BMD of our health department
• Data base of the BMD: if detect patients with T score

Documents (see:
Project care and monitoring of hip fractures (Spanish version)
Prevention program to prevent falls fracture of hip fracture (Spanish version)
Figure: Referal for DXA BMD Rheumatology Unit (Spanish-English version)
Figure: Falls prevention program in FLS (Spanish-English version)
Figure: Circuit patient admitted with hip fracture (Spanish-English version)
Figure: Test get up and go (Spanish-English version)
• Video: Test get up and go
• Video: hip exercise
• Video: knee exercise

FLS equip from Hospital Marina Baixa:
• Coordinators (rheumatologists): José Rosas, Esteban Salas
• Rheumatologists: Gregorio Santos Soler, José Miguel Senabre
• Rheumatology Nurses: Catalina Cano, Marisa Lorente, Ana Pons, Magdalena Flores
• Primary Care Physician Health Department
• Radiology Service HMB
• Research Association in Rheumatology of Marina Baixa (AIRE-MB)



Avda Alcalde Jaime Botella Mayor, 7
03575 Villajoyosa AC