Leiden University Medical Centre

The fracture liaison service (FLS) of the Leiden Center for Bone Quality has been fully operational since June 2012 and serves more than 1400 patients >50 years with a fracture. The Hospital (LUMC) is an Academic Teaching Hospital in Leiden, the Netherlands. The Bone Group is currently directed by Dr Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra. All patients are identified and contacted/screened at the (outpatient) clinic by our FLS manager. If necessary the service consults with general practitioners or other local hospitals to arrange screening and/or treatment elsewhere.
All patients receive lifestyle consultation and fracture risk assessment, including DXA, VFA and laboratory screening for secondary osteoporosis according to clear pre-specified screening and treatment protocols. After initiation of therapy all patients are checked for compliance and patient satisfaction after 3 months and 12 months.

Currently the group is involved in multiple projects on osteoporosis care within the Netherlands such as the update of the national guidelines on osteoporosis 


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