Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital

Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital is a senior friendly hospital in Taiwan. We followed Best Practice Framework and set up a case management system  on identification and assessment for these patients and most of them are elderly. Dr. Chang and Dr. Chen were devoted themselves on secondary fracture prevention for a long time. However, some osteoporosis patients  are not eligible to DXA and anti-resorptive medication because of restrictions by Taiwan Health Insurance. To make our patients understand the importance of osteoporosis and secondary fracture prevention and accept further treatment  are  also  great tasks to us. We now can identify more than 90% clinical fractures patients and does high quality assessment. According to our statistics, declines in spine and hip secondary fractures and mortality after intervention of FLS.



No. 386, Dazhong 1st Rd., Zuoying Dist.
Kaohsiung City, 813