Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-Yi Christian Hospital

Chia-Yi Christian Hospital is a regional hospital located in Chia-Yi city, a county in southwestern Taiwan. We serving over 500,000 local residents including Chia-Yi county, the most aged city in Taiwan that the elderly constitute over 20% population.  More than 1500 patients come to our hospital for treatment of fragile fractures, such as hip, vertebra and wrist fractures. Only  30 % patients received anti-osteoporotic treatment that accounting for higher re-fracture risk. 

We started our Fracture Liaison Service(FLS) since 2020 in order to providing better care of fragile fracture patients. Over 600 patients are enrolled in this program each year. 

All of the patients followed in our FLS received comprehensive assessments including secondary osteoporosis survey, bone marrow density,  falling risk, FRAX  and cognitive function . We especially  focus on sarcopenia survey  including grip, SARC-F and body composition analysis(Inbody) to avoid fragile fracture. Our FLS team including orthopedic surgeons, primary physicians, dietitians, physical therapists, coordinators and  home nurses.  We give individualized  treatment program to each case and follow up quarterly. 


No.539,Zhongxiao Rd.,East Dist
Chia-yi City , 60002