Bærum Hospital

Serving a population of 185.000, Baerum Hospital, Norway, is a public and teaching hospital with a Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) since 2015. It provides services to all fragility fractures in Asker and Baerum municipalities, and all patients 50 years and older are assessed for secondary fracture prevention. The hospital’s Orthopaedic department has 10 senior orthopaedic surgeons, 9 residents and 8 interns who all participate in assessing patients with a capture rate of nearly 90%. During 2016, only 10% of all eligible patients were captured secondarily by FLS nurses using patient lists. Using these two layers of patient identification for eligibility with clinicians and FLS nurses combined, the FLS service acting as a safety net for the clinicians, a total of 1500 patients were seen in 2016 - this makes the completeness in our population nearly 100% with very few dropouts or missed patients. The FLS unit is based in the Orthopaedic department and works in close collaboration with in-house endocrinologists, as well as other internists and orthopaedic surgeons, and with rheumatologists at our neighbour hospital in Drammen. Our multidisciplinary inpatient orthogeriatric service includes a geriatrician and an occupational therapist, who work exclusively with fragility fracture patients. We participate in NoFRACT (Norwegian Capture the Fracture Initiative). The assessment and treatment algorithm has been accepted and published by the Norwegian Orthopedic Assosiation.

Sogneprest Munthe-kaas Vei 100
1346 Gjettum