IOF has developed a Mentorship programme to enable FLS implementation worldwide. To achieve this goal, IOF wants to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills by connecting experienced FLS champions with any institutions willing to establish a new FLS.


The Mentorship programme includes three aspects:


This activity allows an FLS candidate (mentee) to benefit from a “one-day visit” at the FLS champion’s institution (mentor). Material and certificate will be provided. IOF will cover the travel cost for the FLS candidate. A limited number of on-site training days will be available each year. If you want to establish/improve your FLS, please fill in the application form and send it to Anastasia Soulié at


This workshop aims to teach the basic steps on FLS implementation to a group of 15-20 FLS candidates (mentees) within the same country. In close collaboration with a national society, the CTF FLS workshop will be customized to the health system of the country by including local experts within the speaker panel. Course materials and certificates of attendance will be provided to the mentees. If you are a National Society and want to organize a CTF FLS workshop, please contact Anastasia Soulié at


3. Getting to Gold programme

This initiative aims to provide effective long-term support for PFC programs that were established with the help of the CTF Mentorship Programme. It will help to drive an increase in the number and quality of PFC programs, and ensure that they are sustainable in the long term. The ‘Train the Trainer’ component of this program provides intensive, targeted training and certification to selected national experts, who then form a cadre of mentors to support local FLS development. View reports on Getting to Gold mentorship in Mexico and Brazil.




If you are part of our FLS network and would like to become a mentor, please read this document or contact Dr Masaki Fujita at

Prof Thierry Thomas

Prof. Thierry Thomas

Head of Rheumatology Department
University Hospital of St-Etienne



Prof Kristina Åkesson

Prof. Kristina Akesson

Co-chair, Capture the Fracture Programme
Department of Orthopaedics Malmö
Malmö Skåne University Hospital


Dr Kassim Javaid

Prof. Kassim Javaid

Co-chair, Capture the Fracture Programme
Lecturer in Metabolic Bone Disease, Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Oxford


Dr Donncha O'Gradaigh

Dr Donncha O'Gradaigh

Consultant Rheumatologist
Department of Rheumatology
Waterford Regional Hospital


Dr Belova Ksenia

Ph.D., Head of the Regional osteoporosis center at the Yaroslavl Regional Hospital of Emergency Care n.a. N.V. Solovyev