PFC Tools

Benefit Calculator

An important new resource to highlight the cost-effectiveness of Post-Fracture Care (PFC) Coordination Programs is the PFC Benefit Calculator. This powerful tool can be used to support the business case for the implementation of PFC Coordination Programs/Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) worldwide.

It is designed to be used by multiple stakeholders (clinics, hospital administrators, payers, and policy makers) to produce detailed national and local estimates of several key benefits arising from the implementation of PFC Coordination Programs such as FLS.

For example, the Benefit Calculator will be able to assess the costs associated with resources required (e.g. hospital stay) for a PFC Coordination Program/FLS as well as outcomes resulting from the program (e.g. number of fractures). The tool will provide answers to key questions of costs and impacts which will help inform decision-makers.

Digital Tool

The Digital tool is a comprehensive tool to improve the effectiveness and facilitate the management of Post-Fracture Care (PFC) Coordination Programs such as Fracture Liaison Services (FLS).

The Digital Tool provides a simple interface for tracking institutional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as fracture identification, investigation, screening, and treatment initiation/adherence. Furthermore, the Digital Tool offers a single source for securely managing patient information. From easy-to-fill patient assessment forms and editable letters with pre-completed patient information to scheduled patient monitoring reminders, the Digital Tool facilitates every aspect of patient care while meticulously keeping all your data in one place.

This all-in-one digital tool will ultimately help provide a continuity of care, facilitate the management of patient pathways, reduce medical costs, and achieve truly sustainable PFC Coordination Programs/FLS.