Guidelines and Policies for Fracture Liaison Systems

National guidelines, national/regional policies and national initiatives pertaining to secondary fracture prevention and Fracture Liaison Service models have been developed by professional groups, patient societies and government departments/ministries of health in the following countries.


New South Wales Agency for Clinical Innovation

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

South Australia Statewide Orthopaedic Clinical Network and Rehabilitation Clinical Network

Western Australian Aged Care Network

Western Australian Musculoskeletal, Diabetes & Endocrine, Falls Prevention and Aged Care Health Networks


Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, Ontario Women's Health Council, Osteoporosis Canada

Osteoporosis Canada


French Society for Rheumatology and Groupe de Recherche et d’Information sur les Ostéoporoses (GRIO)


University of Florence and the Tuscany Regional Healthcare Authority

The Netherlands


Singaporean Hospitals

United Kingdom

British Orthopaedic Association and British Geriatrics Society

Department of Health

National Osteoporosis Society

Multi-sector Coalition

United States of America

American Orthopaedic Association

ASBMR Task Force on Secondary Fracture Prevention

National Bone Health Alliance

National Coalition for Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases

Office of the Surgeon General