Getting to Gold – a new Capture the Fracture Mentorship programme

The Getting to Gold program kicks off in Mexico with the “Train the Mentor” phase.

This new initiative provides effective long-term support for FLS that were established with the help of the Capture the Fracture mentorship programme (FLS workshops and onsite trainings). Getting to Gold helps to ensure that a developed FLS can improve and sustain itself in the long run. While the standard FLS workshops and onsite trainings focus more on the early stages of development and building business cases, Getting to Gold focuses on making sure FLS grow in number and quality, and are sustainable locally. The programme was developed by Dr Kassim Javaid, Co-Chair of CTF Steering Committee, in collaboration with other CTF Steering Committee members.

The first step of the programme is the development of a team of key national FLS mentors. CTF is happy to have Dr Francisco Torres Naranjo, Dr Andrea Olascoaga, Dr Juan Carlos Viveros and Dr Lucía Méndez Sánchez on board as the appointed local CTF mentors for Mexico. They will go through the ‘Train the Mentor” programme and, once trained and certified, each will then be responsible for supporting the development of a group of local FLSs.

Dr Javaid and Mgtr. Monica Calo, IOF Regional Manager, are currently finalising the curriculum for the training programme for FLS mentors. From late September to December, the four local mentors will be trained through a series of online and in-person sessions. Once evaluated and certified by IOF they will support local service development as well as helping local FLSs become efficient, sustainable and able to offer a good patient experience.

All four selected mentors are thrilled to take part and appreciative of this opportunity to directly contribute to the development of this IOF initiative with its important focus on secondary fracture prevention. They are also grateful to IOF for bringing the project to Mexico and conducting the worldwide pilot in their country. 

If you are in Mexico with an FLS and want more information on this initiative, please contact Monica Calo at