First university-based government hospital to implement an FLS in the Philippines joins Capture the Fracture

Capture the Fracture® warmly welcomes the Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) at Philippine General Hospital of the University of Philippines to its global network.

The Philippine General Hospital’s FLS is the first FLS to be mapped on the Capture the Fracture® (CTF) ‘Map of Best Practice’ from the Philippines. It represents the 278th FLS to join CTF, with the Philippines as the 39th country to be included in the global network.

The Philippine General Hospital initiated FLS services in October 2017 and is currently evaluating hip fracture patients for secondary prevention. The hospital is the very first university-based government hospital to implement an FLS in the Philippines. The FLS is led by Dr.Irewin Tabu, an Orthopedist, and the team is supported by other clinicians, a nurse, a physiotherapist, and clerical staff. The FLS also provides fall prevention services and has a database dedicated to hip fractures. Among other services, the FLS also has a long-term management plan in place to regularly re-evaluate fracture risk and adherence to treatments. The FLS aims to expand its services to cover other fracture types in the near future.

It is gratifying to see that participation of FLS from the APAC region in the CTF programme is growing.  CTF now counts 45 FLS from the Asia-Pacific region.

The CTF Steering Committee is pleased to support any FLS which wishes to establish, develop, improve and sustain itself over the long term. CTF mission is aligned with the objective of each and every FLS, namely, to reduce secondary fractures and improve quality of care for patients.

CTF invites all clinics, public or private, at any stage in FLS development, to apply and join the global network.
Visit for further information or contact Capture the Fracture coordinator Masaki Fujita at ( to see how you can participate.